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Sunday, 4 August 2013

...After a Short Break

After a few days of being busy, busy, busy finally another post!

I'm afraid work has been sadly neglected over the weekend.  We had a garage sale on Saturday and do you know how much slog that entails?  Yesterday, Sunday, I was exhausted and apart from doing three loads of laundry, I just veged out all day.

Today I seem to have my mojo back and may even get to the gym!

Soooo...who watched the X Factor last night?  We certainly have some talent here  in Australia.  My favourite judge is Redfoo...he has a lovely kind face.  His outfits are  Colourful, anyway.

Now for business...actually there is none because I haven't done any writing over the last three days.  Sometimes life gets interesting, for wont of another word, and social media is relegated to the backburner apart from the odd tweet or FB status.  However, today is another day and my intentions are good.

I must tell you a little about my source of material for "Old Age and Villainy".  It's my nonagenarian mother who, even at her great age, still remains alert and with it.  She knows that I have put some of her faux pas in the book and often when we're having our Sunday phone calls will say, "Here's something to put in your book" and regale me with an incident or funny conversation either relating to herself or someone else.  She's come up with some brilliant stuff.  I wonder if I'll have to pay her for research...?

Another thought I had was to invite readers to submit their funny stories of old age and villainous happenings.  I'd be interested to read in your comments what you think of that idea.  Don't hold back!

That's it for today.  Hopefully I'll have more to write about in the next post.  Oh by the way, the picture above was taken in Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory on a trip I did up there some years ago.  Beautiful isn't it?



  1. I've become a villianous old snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. I pointed out this fact to my unexpected visitors the other day...friends who I've had from when I was much, much younger...but they weren't surprised in any way...they know me too well...and have known me forever.

  2. It's the only way to go, Lee. Old age is meant to be villainous...we have sooo much fun!


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