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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Keep it Seemly, Please.

I then received the usual one-fingered salute...Old Age and Villainy

I had a visitor in my bedroom one night...this cute little fellow, the Asian gecko.  He drove my two cats insane, who in turn drove me insane with their antics trying to catch him.  However, I managed to grab him before he became a cat snack and put him back outside.

I'm an avid Facebook user.  Several times a day I check to see what my friends have posted or I post something of my own that may or may not generate comment.  It doesn't matter.

However, one thing I've noticed is people putting negative rants and comments on others' FB status.  While I have no problem with others' point of view, be it the same or opposed to mine, there is a way of putting that view forward without being insulting, racist, hateful or using strong language.  If these people want to voice their opinion, whatever it may be, why do they not use their own FB page rather than polluting others' pages with their particular negativity?

A case in point:  A few minutes ago I noticed a post with the status referring to memory loss versus dementia.  The tasteless and insensitive comments a few negative people had put on that post appalled me.  Why?  What do they gain from behaving like that?  All I can say is that I sincerely hope they never have to experience a loved one who has that sad condition.

Another one was a post someone on my friend list had put up regarding an extremely popular TV show last night.  A woman had typed her opinion on the page in a rather derogatory manner.  The owner of the page put up a perfectly reasonable reply only to have it completely scorned by the woman.  As I say, she can have her opinion which may differ from others'.  But if she was going to be sarcastic and derisive about whatever the rest of us may think, why didn't she put it on her own page?

Actually, I could answer that.  She'd probably be defriended...that's if she had any friends in the first place!  And I think that's why this type of person uses other people's Facebook pages to spread their particular brand of poison because they know we probably wouldn't read it...rather, defriending the author instead.  Do they not realise that the owner of the FB page they may have polluted can delete the comment and block that particular person, anyway?

Well, I've had my say for better or worse.  It's a pity there are negative people like that in the world, however, I do take comfort from the fact that none of them are on my Facebook friend list.


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