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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Night of Passion With Ricky Martin

The auditorium when the doors first opened.  We walked into an almost empty space, which would fill over the next half hour, and were confronted with smoke...cough, cough!  Someone had turned on the smoke machine which stayed on during the whole concert and made the stadium look foggy.  I guess it was for atmospheric effect.

* * * * * * * *

Yesterday afternoon my daughter popped in to ask me if I would like to see Ricky Martin in concert.  She had been given four tickets for her birthday and as my grandson wouldn't be seen dead at a Ricky Martin concert, she had a ticket left over.  Anyway, I quite like his music so I thought "why not?"

The next thing was, what to wear...jeans and top?  Skirt and top?  Dress?  As I was looking through my wardrobe, I found the very thing!  A pair of black slinky trousers with a black sparkly top.  Bingo!  I decided to go all out...sparkly pendant with matching earrings, full make up instead of my usual perfunctory tinted moisturiser with lightly applied mascara and a pair of dressy black sandals to complete the outfit.

It was just over an hour's run from the Gold Coast to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre at Boondall on the north side.  The doors opened at 7 pm; the show started at 7.30.  We left at 4.45 pm and barring a little congestion at Nundah had a relatively smooth running arriving just on 6 pm.  The next thing on the agenda was something to eat and drink.  I had fish and chips, which I hadn't had for a couple of years, plus a bottle of water.  My daughter and granddaughters had their water plus food then we settled down to eat with some people watching thrown in.

Once the doors opened we had another half hour to wait before the opening act, a very talented young man by the name of Timomatic.  I knew who he was having seen him on Australia's Got Talent.  What a great high energy performance...fantastic opener for the main star!  We all thoroughly enjoyed his show and what I noticed, because of the big screens, he appeared to genuinely enjoy performing.

At 8.45 pm Ricky Martin suddenly appeared...literally.  One minute there was no sign of him, the next minute he was...there!  He didn't walk, run or fly...he just appeared out of nowhere.  As the show progressed we realised there was a mechanism of some sort built into the stage floor that had popped him up...very effective.

Wow, what a show...the lights, the music, the dancers and the Latin American sensuality and passion!  Ricky Martin might be gay (sigh of disappointment) but to my mind he's the sexiest gay man on the planet!  That, combined with the driving, throbbing music of the drums, trumpets and guitars is an explosive combination for susceptible women such as I am...(smirk).  Okay...I'm probably a little out of the age range...more sabre tooth tiger than cougar...but I can dream.

One number, "She Bangs" was a very clever, cheeky and sexy performance involving beautiful I'm to be excused me for entertaining lascivious thoughts.
As usual with shows in a large venue, there were big screens and one thing I noticed about Ricky Martin was that he was thoroughly enjoying himself, if the lovely big smile was anything to go on.  Watching him as a judge on "The Voice Australia" showed that he was a very kind and caring also came across in the show through the appreciative comments he made.
It was a great show by two very talented entertainers and if you ever get the opportunity to see Ricky Martin in concert, don't miss it!

Unfortunately, the photos I took didn't show much due to all the strobe lighting used during the concert so I won't bother putting any on here.

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