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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Quick Post Before the Madness

Hooray!  I've found my new home...a two bedroom flat (apartment) close to the beach, with a designer kitchen, large bedrooms and a small balcony.  That cats will love that as they can sun themselves but can't escape!  They've always been indoor animals and I've wanted somewhere where they can go out into the fresh air but can't wander off...and I've found it!  

The rental is great, too...$40 a week cheaper than where I am now.

Moving day is Monday (23/12) so, as you can imagine, my current place is a shambles.  Boxes, cartons and "stuff" everywhere.  Not to worry...

The removalist is booked; electricity, phone and broadband will be connected on Monday and I pick up the keys tomorrow (Friday).  Apart from the actual move, all I have to do now is change my mail address at the post office.  As most of my mail comes online, there's no hurry for that...I'll do it next week.

Christmas will be very quiet this year...I think we're all too exhausted to do much.  I certainly won't feel up to much, anyway.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and if travelling, stay safe on the roads.

Bring on 2014 and all the fun and good things it will bring!

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