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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hell Hath No Fury...

...but when he saw a sweet young thing jogging along the beach without a good support bra, his eyebrows would quiver and he would whisper to Mum, "Look, there goes a joggler..." (from Old Age and Villainy)

Photo of Marine Rescue 2 taken from MR 1 during a training exercise on the Broadwater.

Hell hath no fury like that of a woman who proceeded to get out of the wrong side of the bed!  That was me on Friday and I was not nice to be anywhere near.  The cats wisely kept their counsel and their distance.  My daughter and grandkids didn't venture downstairs that day...lucky for them.  Unfortunately for them, my telco and social services centre sent me to my mind...inflammatory notifications and bore the brunt of my vented spleen as a result of their foolhardiness.

Did I feel any better after that?  The answer is not very, after the first phone call to my telco.  After the second phone call  to social services, things became slightly calmer.  However, one interesting observation I made was that bad temper kills the appetite...a boon for losing weight.  Maybe I'll have to do it more often...on second thoughts, maybe not.

The third phone call was to my insurance company and completely transformed my day from grrrrrr to purrrr.  The customer service officer was a lovely young man who was extraordinarily helpful and showed an interest in me as a person not just another policy holder. I found myself somewhat sheepishly telling him about my rants earlier (I never tell strangers my business!) and found I could laugh about it all...even if the ears of the hapless employees on the receiving end of my disapproval were still ringing from my blistering scorn.  By the time I had finished my call about 20 minutes business only took about 5 minutes, if that...I was back to my usual positive self, thanks  to the wise young man at my insurance company.

What really rounded the whole thing off beautifully is that he thanked me for my call and said I had made his day!  How amazing was that?  I told him he had turned mine around.  After the mutual admiration was over, I hung up and found I felt, physically, as light as a feather.  Which begged  the question...just who was that young man?

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